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We are raising our voice for those who can't even speak. If humanity is to be saved, then the animals have to be saved first.

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Self Defense

Our specially designed program ensures that no matter what your age, gender, or level of experience, our martial arts instructors will help you to develop physical strength, mental and spiritual development, endurance, martial arts skills, and self-defense tips to the extent levels which you have never thought of possible.

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Equally Right for Transgender

The transgender rights movement is a movement to promote the legal status of transgender people and to eliminate discrimination and violence against transgender people regarding housing, employment, public accommodations, education, and health care.

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Food Distribution

Food distribution is the process where a general population is supplied with food. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) considers food distribution as a subset of the food system. The process and methodology behind food distribution varies by location.

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Preserve Water and Soil

Land and Water are natural resources that are basic resources essential for the existence of life and are the two important factors for which appropriate management is most essential to ensure continuity of life. Land provides food, fuel, fodder and shelter besides providing physical support and other life support system.

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Preserve Water and Soil

A beak is an external anatomical structure found in birds. Most animals have teeth, strong jaws and paws for attacking their prey. On the other hand, birds have beaks which they use for probing for food, killing preys, eating, grooming and also to feed their young ones. The beak is a unique identification of birds from other animals.

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More than 80% of the funds raised are used directly for Conservation Action. The below illustration is a representation of how we utilise your donations.

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Our Impact

48,154 animal lives saved

2,56,81,431 hectares of natural habitats secured

3 threatened species recovered

2103 elephants saved from train collisions

247 enforcement operations to dismantle wildlife trade & trafficking

18,941 forest guards trained as part of the Van Rakshak Project

19,444 families enabled with green livelihoods, reducing dependence on wildlife

24,45,341 children made aware of conservation

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The gazette notification of Raimona National Park by the Assam government is a big stride towards achieving Saffron Sky Foundation vision of Greater Manas that was conceptualised more than a decade ago. Our Mobile Veterinary Service and Wildlife Transit Home is based next to Raimona National Park, and over the past decade has contributed significantly to conservation action in this landscape.

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